The Online Ticketing Business

 The early days, they were called scalpers. They were individuals who try to make a living by selling tickets outside the stadium, arenas or theaters. Today, there are many established companies which deal in reselling tickets and they call themselves ticket brokers. No matter what euphemism word you use, reselling sports tickets, concert tickets and theater tickets is their business.

Within the first few hours an event organizer made the ticket available online, tickets are already sold out. The ticket brokers bought them to outdo sports fans in obtaining the ticket. After a while, a large number of tickets are offered in other sites, like TickCo Premium Seating, Ticketmaster, and StubHub, among others.

The demand to take hold sports tickets like the World Series tickets and other championship events are huge. Sports fanatics prefer to see their favorite teams in action and cheer for them, and celebrate with them if they win the championship. In view of this, there is an emerging and on-going evolution in secondary ticketing industry.

One site, for example, was created in 2004, when its then MIT student founder was unable to obtain the World Series ticket in 2003 at an affordable price. This paved the way for other online stores to offer customer discounts when they purchase certain amount of tickets, unlike before when sports tickets are highly priced from its original face value. Now, we often read, affordable and cheap tickets when we visit this online marketplace.

The secondary ticketing industry is evolving along with the advancement of technology in software platform catered to this business as well as the acquisition of major sports organizations to use its services to their advantage.